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Most Parakeets Start Wild. When you first take your new parakeet home, expect him to be terrified of you. This fear, anxiety, and stress make him bite and attempt to fly away. You need to earn his trust before he will accept you.

Reassure your parakeet in a calm voice and with slow movements. Talk to him and he’ll soon talk back to you. As his trust in you grows, he’ll even learn to talk your language.

Short training sessions every day work best. Say the same phrase over and over and over and… Stick with one phrase until he’s got it down pat. Then add a new one.

Keets learn best from women and children. Parakeets find it easier to imitate the pitch of their voices. In addition to talking, keets learn to hop from finger to finger, kiss and nibble, flex their wings on command, pull a wagon, lift “barbells,” lie on their back in your hand, and climb ladders to ring bells.

Keets can be great pets once you gain their trust they are playful entertaining little birds.

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imageFinches are charming and delightful pets perfect for almost any space or schedule. They prefer their own company, which makes them an ideal pet for someone with not a lot of time or someone who prefers to admire their pets as opposed to pets that snuggle or need daily walking. Some of them are enchanting songbirds, and caring for finches is easier than you think.

Finches come in a variety of colors and personalities. The birds live an average of four to seven years, but some have lived much longer. Finches do not like to live alone; keeping them in pairs is strongly suggested by owners and breeders. If you add more birds, those should also be added in pairs.



Cannaries active, cheerful, beautiful, and have a delightfully lovely song! With such a busy world today, pet canaries can make an ideal companion for many people. Canaries are colorful and have pleasing personalities. There is nothing like a peaceful, pretty canary song to unravel nerves at the end of the day.

Most types of canaries can sing, though they may not sing all the time. A canary singing is entertaining in itself but they have some other very desirable traits as well. Adding a pet canary to your home doesn’t add an unwelcome burden. They are small, so keeping canaries takes up very little space. They are also less costly to purchase than many of the larger parrots and some of the other soft billed birds.

Canaries are hardy and undemanding, so the canary bird care is pretty easy. They don’t pout like a parrot might if you are unable to play with them. And of course, being ‘bird-oriented’ rather than ‘people-oriented’, they are unlikely to become finger tame birds. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the antics of these little charmers, and a pretty canary song as well.


imageCuddly, outgoing and comical are just three reasons why the cockatiel is the No. 1 pet bird in America. Cockatiels are also talented whistlers, and male cockatiels in particular are known for their whistle serenades, which can be directed at their favored person, their favorite object or their mirror reflection. When not whistling or keeping themselves busy foraging for food and fun around the cage, cockatiels often enjoy spending their downtime snuggling on their favored person’s shoulder. A healthy, well-socialized cockatiel can make a great family pet and is also ideal for apartment living.

We keep a variety of cockatiels from handled babies to birds that would make good breeders.

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imageHookbills are birds in the parrot family—from tiny parakeets to impressive macaws. The one thing they all have in common is that curved hook-like beak. The beaks of hookbills are capable of tremendous strength and can crush the tough shells of nuts, seeds, and thick-skinned fruits, which enables hookbills to eat a different diet than softbills.
We carry a wide variety of hook billed birds from Love Birds to larger Parrots.